Rewards Program

Join Stone Town Grill’s Loyalty Program to earn free food and merchandise! Every time you eat at Stone Town Grill, you earn one point towards awesome rewards such as free food, merchandise, a dinner for your entire family or friends, and ways to pay it forward. You get one point just for signing up!

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Earn 1 point just for signing up! You’ll also get 1 point per visit (minimum $13.79 spent).

1 point

Free soda

2 points

Free dessert of your choice

3 points

Stone Town Grill water bottle

5 points

Free appetizer

6 Points

Stone Town Grill baseball cap

10 points

$10 gift card

11 Points

Stone Town Grill t-shirt

12 points

Free Build-Your-Own-Bowl Meal + Pay It Forward *

15 Points

$20 gift card

16 points

Stone Town Grill hoodie

25 Points

Dinner for 6 + Pay It Forward **

50 points

Dinner for 10 + Pay It Forward **

*When you redeem the Pay It Forward Reward, Stone Town Grill sends an equal number of free meals to nurses, paramedics, police officers, firefighters, teachers, etc. We want to spread some good cheer and good food by showing appreciation to those who serve our community so well. Loyalty Members may nominate individuals to whom they would like to pay it forward. Simply communicate with a manager to provide necessary information.

**Dinner for 6/10 includes Build-Your-Own-Bowl entrée and fountain drink.

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